The first known 2 rink bowling green in Bankfoot existed prior to the green that we know today. It was situated just off the main street and its outline can still be seen in the garden of ine of the homes to the west of the street, close to where the post office once stood.

unfortunatly little is known of when it was laid or indeed when it stopped being used in favour of the bowling green that we play on today. It is beleived that the present green opened in 1927. The original green had 4 rinks, with an additional 2 rinks being added in 1962.

The club was instituted into the PBA in 1928. A few well known families in the club included JA Dick who was the association president in 1972, along with his wife Geri and his son Alistair, who is still our greenkeeper.

The Kean family Ian(known as Jock or Coach) along with his brother morris were excellent bowlers. Sadly Morris passed away in 2005. The name in bowling circles still carries on with Morris son Garry still figuring in finals throughout the district.

Yet our most famous member was an englishman, mr Jimmy Rawlinson. jimmy was not only president of the PBA in 1965, but was a renowned bowler throughout the UK, representing Scotland on many occasions. A man who despite his talent was always encouraging others and giving praise to those learning the game.

We are grateful to Jimmy for donating many of his medals(which have pride of place in our club) prior to his death a few years ago. The club throughout its career has had a few highlights in particular in winning the campbell trophy in the 1975, 2001 and 2011.