2022 Fixture List

AprilSat 92.00Opening of the Green
Mon 116.30Club Mixed Triples
Thu 146.30Club Mixed Triples
Mon 186.30Club Mixed Triples
Thu 216.30Club Mixed Triples
Fri 226.45Mixed League v Auchterarder (H)
Mon 256.30Club Mixed Triples
Wed 276.45PDL v Blackford (H)
Thu 286.30Club Mixed Triples
Sat 30 Bankfoot Open Triples
MaySun 1 County Trial – Bankfoot
Mon 26.45Mixed League v Almond Valley (A)
Wed 46.45PDL v Stanley (A)
Wed 116.45PDL v Errol (A)
Sat 14 Hamilton Trophy – Perthshire v Highland
Wed 186.45PDL v Rattray (H)
Fri 206.45Mixed League v Blackford(H)
Mon 236.30TLTL v Glencarse (H)
Wed 256.45PDL v Scone Rec (A)
Fri 276.45Mixed League v Stanley (A)
Sat 282.00Friendly v Methven (H) – 4 mixed triples
JuneWed 16.45PDL v Glencarse (H)
Fri 36.45Mixed League v Luncarty (A)
Sat 4 Triples Fun Day
Mon 66.30TLTL v West End (A)
Wed 86.45PDL v Crieff (A)
Thu 96.45Mixed League v West End (H)
Sat 112.00Friendly v Headwell (H) – 4 mixed rinks
Mon 136.30TLTL v Perth (H)
Wed 156.45PDL v Blackford (A)
Sun 192.00Friendly v Alloa East End (A) – 4 mixed triples
Mon 206.30TLTL v Scone Rec (A)
Wed 226.45PDL v Stanley (H)
Fri 24 Campbell Trophy
Mon 276.30TLTL v Glencarse (A)
Wed 296.45PDL v Errol (H)
JulyFri 1 PBA Semi Final – Kinnoull
Fri 1 Bonthrone Open Golf Day
Sat 22.00Gents Club Triples
Sat 2 PBA Semi Final – Aberfeldy
Wed 66.45PDL v Rattray (A)
Sat 9 Ladies Day
Sat 9 PBA Finals – West End
Wed 136.45PDL v Scone Rec (H)
Sat 162.00Club Fours
Mon 186.30TLTL v West End (H)
Sat 232.00Friendly v Blairgowrie (H) – 4 mixed rinks
Mon 25 Top 10 Semi Final
Wed 276.45PDL v Glencarse (A)
Thu 28 Top 5 – Crieff
Sat 30 Top 10 Final
AugMon 16.30TLTL v Perth (A)
Wed 36.45PDL v Crieff (H)
Sat 62.00Friendly v Pitlochry (A)
Mon 86.30TLTL v Scone Rec (H)
Fri 126.45Mixed League Final – Stanley
Sat 202.30Friendly v Aberfeldy (H) – 5 Mixed Triples
Mon 22 TLTL Presentation Night – Scone Rec
SepFri 2 Top 5 Semi Final
Sat 3 Top 5 Semi Final
Sun 11 Top 5 Final – Glencarse